"Dorana"   Leigh Cockle Bawley Lying  Medway

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Potted History

Dorana at Brightlingsea alongside the Bawley Saxonia 


1939 Built by Drake Brothers at Tollesbury, Essex, on the River Blackwater.

1939 to July 1951, no history traced, except oral statement from a crew member on board Mike Peyton's TOUCHSTONE, that he remembered seeing her based at Fambridge either during or just after WWII.

25.7.1951 First registered at London with Registrar General of Shipping & Seamen. Official number 184326. Gross tonnage 9.12. Net tonnage 5.25. Date of build 1939, by Drake Brothers of Tollesbury. Single screw motor ship, 64/64 owned by Frederick Arthur Borlinder of 36 Sutton Road, Southend-on-Sea, in the county of Essex. His occupation is described as "fisherman". Dimensions of vessel 34.4' x 11.9' (described as hull length, presumably LBP, and main breadth to outside of plank). Depth in hold from tonnage deck to ceiling amidships, 3.1 feet.
Described as a "Wood fishing vessel and pleasure yacht".

1.10.1951 Mortgaged to secure the sum of 1,117 and interest at 4% per annum, to Arthur William Wilson of 63 Baxter Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, in the county of Essex. His occupation is that of "Garage Proprietor". (It would seem she was never registered before July 1951. It is possible she was only registered as Mr. Borlinder intended to obtain a marine mortgage on her).

1951 Owner Fred Borlinder moved to Leigh-on-Sea (the traditional home of the cockle bawley). Unfortunately the new address is obscured and did not photocopy well.

1953 Owner Fred Borlinder moved again, this time to Tollesbury, where he lived in Woodrolfe Road. (Coincidence, he moved to the village where his boat had been built - or perhaps he had lived there before?) For reasons unknown, he re-registered DORANA at Maldon, Essex.

May 1953 DORANA's London Registry was surrendered to the Registrar General of Shipping And Seamen.

11.5.1053 DORANA re-registered at Maldon. Same details on registry, plus new address of owner.

6.5.1954 DORANA was sold by Arthur William Wilson (the person to whom she had been mortgaged) to John Edward Ryman, Bill of Sale actually dated 5.4.1954. Ryman's address was 49 Highfield Gardens, Westcliff-on-Sea, in the county of Essex. Profession Building Contractor. (The implication is that poor old Fred defaulted on his mortgage repayments, and Wilson foreclosed!).

18.7.1964 Ryman sold DORANA to Leslie Frank Adams, of 99 London Road, South Benfleet, profession, Company Director.

24.10.1967 Entry made in the register of the above change of ownership. (Better late than never!)

18.8.1967 DORANA was sold by Adams to both Kenneth Ernest Collins of Lomond, Sylvian Way, Leigh-on-Sea, and Douglas Percy Ridgewell of 12 The Ridgeway, Westcliff-on-Sea. Both were Company Directors. (It was probably when this transfer of ownership took place, that it was realised the previous change of ownership had never been noted to the Registrar. Perhaps for this reason, this was the last transfer of ownership of DORANA as a registered vessel?).

5.5.1988 British Registry was closed. The register was never delivered up to the Registrar.

Information is not available after she left the joint ownership of Collins & Ridgewell, and until she became owned by Malcolm Woods.

It is believed Mr. M. Woods bought DORANA from a headmaster, possibly in Lymington, but never paid the full asking price.

The father of a Mr. Dean Gill, formerly of 127 Callington Road, Saltash, Cornwall was a shipwright, and did restoration work on DORANA, which was in a very poor condition at the time of transfer of ownership. According to Mr. Dean Gill, his father had a joint ownership agreement with Malcolm Woods, in that by doing all the restoration work, Mr. Gill was to get half the proceeds of any future sale.

Previous to this, Mr Gill had had DORANA brought by road trailer to the R.E.M.E. barracks at Marchwood, where he began work on her. This work took about a year. He had the vessel brought to Saltash in the early part of 1981. He replaced the engine, the old one having been mounted too high. He built the cockpit floor, engine box, wheel and instrument panel, cockpit sides, coach roof, main doors, coachroof skylight, external mahogany steps, saloon interior, galley, forward hatch, "DORANA MALDON" plaque, DORANA's carved name on stern, and many more extras including the saloon table. "He was a good craftsman".

Mr Gill renewed the bowsprit after a yacht dragged its mooring in a storm and caught its boom underneath the bowsprit, snapping it. The new one was made a lot longer from the original hollow one, in the back garden of his house, 71 Warfetton Crescent, Saltash. He may have had plans of the original sailplan, and also some restoration photos.

Mr. Gill, senior stated that the DORANA was built in 1939, and that the original joint ownership's wives' names were combined to form DORANA - these were Doris and Anne. There was a 1939 penny under the mast. (Not found!)

DORANA was involved in a collision with the Cremyll passenger vessel "WESTERN BELLE" in 1982 at Morwellham, Calstock. Her starboard bow was hit. Mr Dean Gill, son of the restorer was on the bowsprit at the time, so remembers it well! Some of the lockers did not fit properly after the accident. She was repaired by Mashford Brothers at Cremyll, Torpoint, at a cost of just under 6,000. Her summer mooring was at Brunel Green, up-river from Tamar Bridges.

Mr Woods kept DORANA for another three years after the death of Mr. Gill.

1.11.1986 DORANA was sold by her then owner, one Malcolm Woods of Holly Grove, Holly Lane, Pilley, Lymington Hants to one Leslie G. Carvall of 4 Pinehurst, Cliff Road, Milford-on-Sea Lymington Hants. Mr Carvall was a member of the Old Gaffers Association.

16.8.1989 DORANA was sold by Leslie G. Carvall of the same address, occupation, managing director, to one Tana Marie Berry, a Freelance Producer (something` in the farming industry) of 56 Lots Road London SW10 OQD. It would seem that at some time, probably when under Carvall's ownership, DORANA was re-registered under the Small Ships Scheme, and her number was 26255. This expired or was never renewed under the ownership of Berry.

Tana Marie Berry apparently spent at least 28 500 on this vessel in her first two years of ownership. (At Southampton prices. All receipts are on file). This included a new Thorneycroft engine (as fitted at present), and the raising of the coach roof aft.

7.7.1995 DORANA was sold by Tana Marie Mumford (ex-Berry neeLester) of Longacre Farm, Vaggs Lane, Hordle, Near Lymington, Hampshire, S041 OFP to the current owner on 7th July 1995. The vessel was registered under the small ships scheme, with the same registration number, viz 26255.

1996 False keel made of Jarrah fitted.

15 new keel bolts made and fitted. Some floors replaced and some doubled. Internals strengthened. New main mast.
New top mast.
New cross trees and mast furniture. New gaff.
Planks re-fastened and re-caulked as required.
Some deck planking including port covering board replaced.
New main horse fabricated and fitted. Exhaust outlet on transom raised. New rudder and hangings. New pin rails port and starboard.

1997 New standing rigging made (galvanised for main mast, stainless steel for topmast).
Complete new sail outfit made by James Lawrence Sailmakers, including main, fore, x3 jibs, jib topsail, topsail.
Most running rigging renewed.
All blocks replaced, mostly by new ones from Colin Frake. New dead eyes made by Colin Frake.

1997 New spider pin rail made (Colin Frake) and fitted. New Gaff Saddle, leathered.
Boom extended to suit new sail plan, and new jaws fitted. (N.B. boom is not traditional for bawley rig - it is used when children or inexperienced people are on board).
About 2/3rds fore deck planking replaced.
Mast Table made and fitted for use with boom. New fuel tank fitted, in line with filler point. Electrically re-wired.
New switch and fuse panel.
Fitted with two-sensor gas detector. New stern light fitted.

1999 Blakes toilet overhauled by representatives. Stern gland re-packed by Whitton Marine.

2001 Taken to Faversham and lifted out of the water. New main and topmast shrouds made. New "bob" made and fitted.
New through-deck fitting for calor gas supply.
New internal piping for gas cooker. One gas detector sensor renewed.
Complete overhaul and/or replacement of sea valves. Through-deck fitting for VHF aerial made. Repairs to stbd extension to bunk. Deck leaks made good.
Fuel shut-off valve fitted to engine.
Engine overhauled and serviced, including new control cables.
New electric bilge pump fitted. Battery connections renewed.
Hull sanded off and re-painted.
New vertical planking at break of focsle as required. New deck planking around mast as required. New "windows" fitted to existing skylight cover. New fore hatch cover.
2 new blocks from Colin Frake, for headsail.
All lockers around cockpit painted red bilge paint. 2 new locker doors made.
New dry powder fire extinguishers supplied. 2 new large fenders supplied.
A number of rusted shackles replaced with new ones.

November/December 2001. Work completed, and survey report for insurance finalised, then vessel returned to her regular berth at Whitton Marine before Xmas 2001. Laid up for winter.

2002 New electric bilge pump fitted as old one had choked up and burnt out. New wiring to batteries. Old Halon fire extinguisher to engine compartment replaced with new automatic dry powder extinguisher.

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