"IRENE VL"   Prout Snowgoose 35,  Lying  Poros Greece

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Owners Comments

IRENE VL is a much modified and improved example of Prout's cruising  catamarans.
She IS ready to set out on an ocean passage tomorrow.
She is NOT a "worn out old has been" that needs a fortune spending on her  before you dare sail.

We bought Irene VL in 1985 after reading about the cruising dream for too  many years. Then we saved up a bit more money and refitted her for the oceans of  the world.

Being cautious sort of people, we didn't want to sell the house if we  didn't like the life or couldn't handle it, so we decided to do the "round the Atlantic in a year" option to see if we liked it. That way if we had had  enough, we would have at least seen the Caribbean. Its cheap enough to fly  to the Med.

At the time we were a bit short on self steering, so in Antigua, I built a  trim-tab wind vane system mostly with parts from my folding bicycle. ( written up in PBO April 94 ) They laughed at me in Antigua, but it brought us back to UK just fine. I rebuilt it in stainless steel and its now on Irene VL.

Well, we did like the life, so we finished building the house - sold it, and  did more work on the boat including modifications in the light of  experience.

In 1994 we headed off across Biscay again, wintered in Lagos, Portugal, then 'orrible'  south of Spain, Balearics, super Sardinia and a second winter in Tunisia.  According to plan we should have been in Turkey by then, but you keep  meeting people and places and it seems a pity not to enjoy them.

After the Tunisian winter we made a determined dash to Turkey and have been in the Aegean ever since. Seems superfluous to say we like it here.

At the end of last year we had the opportunity to buy a bigger boat, and as  we had decided not to do any more proper cruising, Irene VL is for sale.

As the new boat popped up unexpectedly, the new owner will get the benefit  of a lot of work done last summer which we may not have done had we decided  to sell earlier like new head lining, upholstery, new paint and anti-fouling etc.

IRENE VL - the name given by the previous owner.

Everyone eventually asks. "What does the VL stand for"?

We let them guess for a while, usually on variations of roman numerals, then  we tell them. Irene was the first owner's wife's name, but was not unique enough for the Brit registration. He had 2 daughters called Victoria and Louise!

She has looked after us in fair weather and foul, and with roller and main reefing from the cockpit, can be easily sailed single handed.

We bought Irene VL in 1985, and in 1990 we undertook a major refit for ocean  cruising.

We fitted heavy duty rubbing strakes, and replaced all hatches and windows. All bulkheads and woodwork were re-fixed to hull with epoxy and glass fibre. Underwater areas were stripped down to gel coat in 1994. No osmosis was detected.  Several coats of International Gelshield were applied as protection.

The hull was strengthened and the aft cabin tops raised. The boat was  completely rewired and all plumbing systems replaced. 

In 1991, after a 12 month cruise across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and  back to U.K. we did more modifications in the light of our experience. Then  we sold the house and sailed to the Med in 1994. Irene VL has been our home  since then. We hope you will look after her as well as she's looked after  us.

In 1994 the hull was scraped back to gel coat, no osmosis found and several  coats of International Gelshield applied. The keels have had one inch thick wood sacrificial strips glassed on to the bottom for protection when drying  out (intentional or not!).

The original windows have been replaced with through bolted Perspex, and  moulded fiberglass "eyebrows" give extra protection from leaks.

The roller headsail is in the original position and an additional forestay is mounted on a new stainless steel mini-bowsprit for either the large  genoa or smaller sails "twinned" with the roller using either 1 or both of  the 2 poles. Each pole has it's own topping lift, foreguy and afterguy.

Aluminium steps are riveted to the gold anodised mast for easy maintenance aloft, conning through coral or just taking photographs.

The mast hinges forward and can be raised and lowered without outside  assistance.

There is fiberglass hard top weather protection with windows forward and each side which can be easily removed in summer. A short removable canvas extension gives extra sun protection when sailing.

Strong rubbing strakes are through bolted to the hull, with the outer layer screwed for easy renewal after damage. Not so far!

We are only the second owners of the boat, and she has been laid up ashore  for a total of 5 of the 17 years that we have owned her.

Off the Azores in very light winds.

The stable platform means the wind is not shaken out of the sails by rolling. Poled out genoa to starboard feeds cruising chute, flying free to port. A similar configuration but with smaller sails and 2 poles works well downwind in strong winds.

We are available in the area and will be happy to show you round at little  notice.


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For further details or to arrange to view, please contact: -  
A R Bailey, 
U.K. Phone contact 01286 881493  Greek mobile 0030  946730834
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