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Designer's Comments

The purpose of this design is to produce as much comfort as possible in a very small cruising boat, though my experience of off-shore racing since 1925 is no doubt reflected in the design. The boat has been given an exceptional amount of beam with a view to producing a boat that will sail upright most of the time. The draft is about 1 ft less than normal which is always an advantage when cruising, and results also in a reduction in wetted surface. ---

F.B.R. (Buster) Brown

Owner's Comments

When I first saw Sally Lunn, it was the underwater profile that first drew my attention. It just seemed right, and the interior immediately made me feel at home. She had a character that was unique. Although she has only three berths, the fo'c'sle is completely private when the doors are closed, and she is quite comfortable for three to cruise, even when fully loaded.

We have sailed her in a variety of conditions, and find her to be well balanced, with no tendency to gripe up to windward as she heels. In fact, when she is fully powered up the helm goes completely neutral. She has proved to be quite a stiff boat, able to carry full sail when others are reefing, and surprisingly quick.

Down wind, the large main really pushes her along, and with the Genoa poled out, often as fast as some boats carrying spinnakers.

She will short tack up a narrow river with no hesitation, and we have never been caught in stays. She will lie hove to quite close to the wind, and will bear away with the main still pinned in before gybing then lying hove to again.

Like all long keeled boats, she takes a bit of understanding when going astern under power. The stern kicks to port, and that can be used to your advantage. Often it is the wind that dictates your course!

Going ahead under power, she can be turned in her own length by applying reverse power halfway through the turn.

We do our passage planning based on 4 knots over the ground, and this works out well. But her fastest recorded sailing speed is 7.3kn, and fastest motoring speed is 5.4kn.

We usually motor at an average of 4 knots, and at this speed she will go for 10.5 hours on one gallon!

sail2.jpg (29859 bytes)

She handles strong winds well, her displacement carrying her through the waves.
I have only once used the Storm jib, and then she was under canvassed.
2 reefs and the jib is good for going to windward in 25/30kn.

When entertaining, people will always comment on her traditional interior.

We have always cruised with our daughter, who is now 7 years old, and have never feared for her safety, but like us, as soon as we leave the cockpit, we clip on to the jackstays.

We have used her for family cruising on the East coast, to Holland and to the Isles of Scilly.

We have also raced her in club races and local regattas. (pn 1120)

We are selling her now only because we require more room.

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