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Sea Maid, Finmar 36 Motor Sailer, Lying  Northern France

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Sea Maid 
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Wheel House
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Owners comments  

Built in Finland, Finmars are similar to Nauticats, both in lay-out and attention to details. Heavily built boats with best materials, their hulls are of different design, more yacht-like, which improves performances under sail. Deeper draft provides more power and the capacity to carry on when winds reach force 6 or 7. The moderate amount of ballast makes for a very safe boat in really bad weather, yielding to the elements rather than opposing them. The finer entry, with a flared bow, gives a surprising turn of speed and prevents the disagreeable punching into the seaway, while keeping green water off the deck, a much appreciated feature of Nauticats. 

The Finmar 36 (in reality a 35 foot boat ) should be compared to the Nauticat 38, as far as space and performances are concerned.

During a long career at sea, as professional and as yachtsman, I've had the chance to own quite a few boats. Our last love was a Fisher 37, with long bowsprit and large genoa. We enjoyed her capacity to undertake long offshore trips and the feeling of safety that came with her solid construction. But we missed the comfortable wheelhouse and large chart table of a Nauticat 33 we owned before. We also missed the side-doors to jump on catways, instead of clambering around a wheelhouse. 

Getting on with age, we looked for an easier boat to handle. The FINMAR 36 amused us with a similar and rather ugly Nauticat-look, but we were seduced once more by the homely ship-like and solid teak accommodation. The U-shaped dining arrangement is very pleasant and my wife enjoys having the saloon table close to the galley. The wheel-house's L-shaped seating is one of the best part of the boat, where we can watch what goes on, at sea or in port! The two large bunks in the stern cabin can be used at sea and the 4 windows can be left open unless it blows hard. The front cabin has a big wooden hatch and berths large enough for tall adults. The boat's space and stowage capacity are much above average. 

One excellent feature is the outside steering position, agreeable while sailing and practical for manoeuvring. Two benches with inclined backrests form a safe sheltered space, useful to store ropes and fenders. Despite our age, my wife and I sailed SEA MAID quite easily from Groningen to Brittany in all kinds of weather. 

She is a powerful and seaworthy boat in the best Scandinavian fashion. She sails well, reaching easily 4 knots, about 45 degrees from the wind in a 15 knots breeze. She will go up-wind and tack under genoa only. The engine is powerful and gives about 9 knots at full revs. She is very quiet while cruising at 6.5 knots using about 3 litres an hour.

The following is taken from the test published by German Magazine "Yachting" :

"We were on board of a schooner, trying to set our sails in a rather irregular wind from the stern, when a sloop passed us. Her forms were similar to ours, but she was shorter. For a fat Motorsailer, The FINMAR 36 was going really well. ()

She is not slow at all, even if, while running free in a 15 knots breeze, the 7 knots indicated by the speedometer were rather 6,5 knots real speed. I found her interior agreeable, hospitable and especially practical. This is to be applied to sea-keeping qualities in bad weather with winds raising 8 foot waves and more. The large hulls of these Motorsailers are certainly doing well, but with movements covering their crews with bruises if hand-holds are wanting. () 

In storms, it is reassuring not only to be on board a boat that "swims above it all", but also to have a powerful diesel, built to work non stop, with which one can proceed slowly against the sea and avoid breaking crests. At such times, it is also very reassuring to have a ballast ratio that is not too high and that this ballast does not hang too low, as the unfortunate participants to the 1979 Fastnet experienced ! ()

The curve of speeds shown on the brochure shows that the optimal cruising speed lies between 1,200 and 1,300 RPM giving a range of 1,189 and 1,101 miles, somewhat optimistic since nobody is likely to motor until the tanks are completely empty ! ()

The FINMAR is slightly over canvassed and over motorised, even if the engine is not, and quite rightly so, the usual type of "yacht" standard. This boat, thanks to its wide stern, goes faster than its theoretical hull speed (7.45 knots) which will appeal to the Elbe and Weser sailors needing to forge ahead against strong tides ! "

[ Sea Maid ] Outside Helm ] Wheel House ] Layout ] Galley ] Forecabin ] Aft Cabin ] Heads ] Engine ] Specifications ] [ Comments ]
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